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Let Me Count The Ways

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress! It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread or Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips with a cool, tall glass of Blue Moon or even Cake Batter Ice Cream from Cold Stone. Evidently, a growing number of people across the “interwebs” agree with us. Did you know that 25% of all newly registered domain names end up as WordPress sites? (more…)

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Design and Creative Stuff

Blight Fighting Design!

It has been said that designers are much like laboratory scientists unafraid to gather things from random places, mix them together until something blows up and then declare it “Art”. I like to think of designers as brightly colored, spandex clad, blight fighting, superheros who throw themselves in harms way to beautify the world and make it safe for public viewing. (more…)

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About Us

Capacitron? Huh?

We get a lot of questions here at Capacitron. Like: “What is it that you say you do again?”, “Who dresses you?”, “Why are you so funny looking?”, “What is the answer to life the universe and everything?” and “How do you pronounce your name: Capa…capa…what?”. Here is our long winded, (we believe creative) and perhaps ego stroking answer to the latter question. (more…)

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